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2019. Nygård, Håvard Mokleiv; Sirianne Dahlum; Gudrun Østby & Siri Aas Rustad (2019) Slik fanges mange land i en «ulikhetsfelle» [This is how many countries fall into an inequality trap]Dagens Næringsliv, 19 December.

2019. Erica Chenoweth, Sirianne Dahlum, Sooyeon Kang, Zoe Marks, Christopher Wiley Shay and Tore Wig), “This may be the largest wave of nonviolent mass movements in world history. What comes next? Blog post for Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog,

2019. Dahlum, Sirianne. “Demokrati til salgs: Kan politiske ledere slippe unna med å bryte demokratiske prinsipper?» [Democracy for sale: Can political leaders get away with violating democratic principles?], Article for Agenda Magasin, 28 September

 2019. Dahlum, Sirianne, Carl Henrik Knutsen and Tore Wig. We checked 100 years of protests in 150 countries. Here’s what we learned about the working class and democracy. Blog post for Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog, October 24

2019. Dahlum, Sirianne “Den usynlig motbakken: Nye innsikter om normene som hemmer kvinners karriereløp». (The Invisible Obstacles for Women). Article in Agenda Magazine., May 15

2016. “Democracies are no better at educating students than autocracies. This is why” in Washington Post’s Monkey Cage Blog. With Carl Henrik Knutsen. January 5th, 2016